What you need to get Started

1.  Loaded 7 core installer download
(unzipped 3,681 Files, 697 Folders as of Beta)
2. Hosting account access
3. Control Panel or Plesk
4. FTP access
5. My adminPHP
6. About 15 minutes of your time


Loaded Commerce 7.0 is designed to run on a so – called LAMP server. This is an acronym which means the server is set up with the Linux Operating system (L), the Apache web server (A), a MYSQL database, (M) and it can run PHP code. (P)


Required PHP Configuration

If your server does not meet the requirements below, please consult your web hosting provider to have your server properly configured

The (Absolute) Minimum Basic Requirements

  • The Linux Operating System
  • The Apache Web Server version 1.3 or greater, with mod_ssl.
  • MySQL database version 4.1.13+ or 5.0.7+
  • PHP 5.3+ (with MySQLi extension)
  • suPHP will work in the server environment the same as PHP enabled.
  • PHP when compiled with Suhosin/Hardened PHP not tested yet.



PHP Settings Setting
register_globals OFF
magic_quotes OFF
file_uploads ON
session.auto_start OFF
session.use_trans_sid OFF
post_max_size 10M
upload_max_filesize 10M
PHP Extensions Required

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