Post-Installation Steps

Upon successful installation of LoadedCommerce, the following steps need to be performed to secure the installation of the online store.

  1. Delete the loadedcommerce/install directory.
  2. Reset the file permissions on loadedcommerce/includes/configure.php so the web server is only able to read it and not write to it. This is commonly performed by setting the permission flag to 444.
  3. Create a directory called backups under loadedcommerce/admin/ and set the permission flag so the web server is able to write to it.
  4. To additionally protect the Administration Tool, consider password protecting the loadedcommerce/admin/ directory through the web server. The Administration Tool has its own login mechanism which still should not be made available to the public. A general username and password can be used for all store administrators to access the Administration Tool login page where they can personally log into.


Forbidden.gif If the Administration Tool is not password protected through the web server, it is recommended to move the loadedcommerce/admin/backups directory outside the public html directory otherwise public access to the backup files would be possible. The location of the backup directory must be correctly defined in loadedcommerce/includes/configure.php.

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