How to use the new Product Categories Side Box

In 7.002.5 we introduced the new Product Categories Side Box.

It is an improvement over the previous box. And it has some configuration settings.

  • Only shows one level of categories at start
  • Expands to show children of current category
  • Has CSS class for current path of categories
  • Configurable to start a designated parent category
  • Configurable to product counts and levels of expanding

Here you see the module installed with edit modal showing. I searched for “pro” to locate the module quickly. It is isntalled by default on new installations. If it is not installed yet on your site, click Install to do so.

template modules edit prod cat box

To get to the above configuration area go to Admin -> Settings -> Setup  -> Template Modules

template modules menu

Common issue: be sure to configure the correct starting point for the product box. It is set to category Id 1, the Products category in our sample data. If you delete this category and make a new one, then be sure to edit the configuration to use TOP or the category you desire.

By Sal
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